The active ingredient chlorine dioxide is the most effective in killing bacteria in the entire history of mankind. This was certified by the American Society for Analytical Chemistry in 1999. Chlorine dioxide only attacks diseased cells or pathogens and has 100 times the energy of oxygen.
Ten drops of the substance alone can be enough to sterilize 100 liters of water over the course of a day. Chlorine dioxide is used in numerous countries around the world to clean the surfaces of commercial kitchens and hospitals and to treat water. These include the USA and Australia. Some countries use chlorine dioxide as a much less dangerous alternative to chloridation for disinfecting drinking water. Sixteen years ago, New Zealand changed its standard food regulations and the associated disinfection of meat, poultry, fish, vegetables and fruit. Sodium chlorite was approved for this purpose, since with this method no traces of the chemical can be detected later in the product and there is also no risk of toxicity.
If it should come to an exceptional situation ? thus an actual crisis in the water only few occurs and if then by germs loaded ? then already few drops MMS are in the doubt the life rescue. On MMS is in times of emergency, as they can break out unfortunately always, reliably. In the same way, wounds can be sterilized and disinfected, cutlery and dishes, cups, glasses and so on. A few bottles with the agent should therefore not be missing in any basic equipment for disaster situations. In terms of use for the health of humans and animals, the possibilities vary widely.Jim Humble got into a fatal situation during his expedition in the tropics. He had to help a friend who was badly stricken by malaria and had no appropriate medication with him. So, in his distress, he tried a chlorine dioxide water disinfectant. The effect was amazing. Within just one day, he had cured himself so well that he was even able to continue participating in the expedition. For Humble, it was a key experience and the beginning of his many years of intensive research into healing effects.

Today, a few years later, around 75,000 malaria sufferers have had their lives saved by taking MMS. Also in cases of Aids illnesses it turned out in a test series in Uganda that after three days 60% of the ill ones, who received MMS, were healed. After four weeks, 98% of those suffering from AIDS consider themselves treated and cured. MMS is also used in the Mexican state of Sonora. The clinic treats cancers with MMS and has already had very good experience with the drug.

How does it work? 

MMS is a salt ? a solution consisting of 28% sodium chlorite in water. The substance is considered slightly basic and stable. The decomposition produces water and common salt, two absolutely harmless products.

When acid is added, the substance is activated and chlorine dioxide gas is formed, which smells distinctly of chlorine. The germ killer chlorine oxide, mentioned at the beginning, is formed. The substance kills all kinds of parasites and microbes, but does not attack the beneficial bacteria of the intestinal flora. The waste product is ordinary table salt.

Scientific tests have shown that lactic acid and sodium chlorite can be used to treat blood supplies contaminated with AIDS and completely destroy the HIV viruses. And this without destroying the important red blood cells.

It is interesting that the sodium chlorite contained in MMS is currently used under the name SCD and with other prices as an ingredient in broad-spectrum disinfectants, preferably against Legionella, the norovirus and MRSA strains. After ingestion of the agent, the effect is seen in the form of the released chlorine dioxide and the immediate destruction of the cells that contain a negative charge, i.e. live without oxygen. However, the healthy cells living with oxygen remain completely unaffected. This results in a process of cell renewal in the whole body and thus also in an enormous improvement of the immune system.

However, there are important aspects to consider: 

Taking MMS simulates the immune defense, the body's internal removal of dead cells and cell renewal. This means great challenges for the body, which needs rest. So allow yourself rest breaks so that your body can recharge its strength and energy. Continuous use is not suitable.

Stick to the dosage, because as is commonly known, after all, the dose makes the poison. Trust the recommendations and instructions on the website of Jim Humble and other experts. While taking MMS, be sure to avoid taking vitamin C in the form of supplements and fruits. Vitamin C is used as an antidote.

Never take MMS undiluted and keep it away from children. If splashed in the eyes or on the skin, wash the areas with water. MMS must also not come into contact with metal.

MMS is not a medicine and not a cure. The intake does not replace a visit to the doctor. MMS is only for the purpose of disinfection. Contact a doctor for competent treatment and diagnosis in case of illness.